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Masterplan for the Regeneration of one of the 12 Cities in the City of Bologna

The Bolognina City is located between Historic Center and the Highway (Nord). On the left masterplan for the 4 main areas.
The Bolognina City before and after the projects. Architectural Code-Building Typologies (centre) 
Masterplan for the New Stalingrado Neighbourhood (Bolognina): 23 ha, 2300 inhabitants)
Masterplan for the New Ex-Mercato Ortofrutticolo Neighbourhood (Bolognina): 26 ha, 2600 inhabitants, including the New Municipal Buildings
Residential: 113.779 mq; Offices: 33.030 mq; Retail: 22.021 mq; Facilities: 21.773 mq; Public Buildings: 114.430 mq
Urban Infill in Arcoveggio Ovest Neighbourhood (Bolognina): 12,4 ha, 1200 inhabitants
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