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T R I E N N A L E   I

Prince of Wales Carlo

With its first edition in 1992 the 'International TRIENNIAL of Architecture and Town Planning A vision of Europe' is born in Bologna: a periodical exposition by the most successful projects of the city and its territory, in line with trend which is currently popular, has been made or planned by the old continent, and above all by the EEC countries, between one and the other edition. An evidence of the qualitative progress.

The incomparable wealth of monuments and excellent spatial organisation, which is the first sign of the oldest and most valuable western culture, must be raised up for the pleasure and the benefit not only of Europe, if this still has the fundamental role of civilization in the world.

Beyond the most direct and immediate professional aspects, there is already a group of educated and responsible architects, on the way to achieve such a goal. Their number is bound to increase, until one day the youngest ones will be able to rejoice in admiring a more human urban arrangement, which has also been determined by their intelligence.

The experience of A vision of Europe 1992 also encourages the commitment of the most sensitive and intelligent public administrators and private entrepreneurs in order to block the tearing up of the image of our culture.
Prince of Wales Carlo
Prince of Wales Carlo
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