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T R I E N N A L E   II

International Conference of contemporary architecture and town planning held in Bologna at the A VISION OF EUROPE TRIENNALE II dedicated to URBAN RENAISSANCE

Summary of an important event which was crowned with success: the international meeting LA CITTA DEL NUOVO RINASCIMENTO". About 300 participants including architects, engineers, councillors, entrepreneurs, critics and historians of architecture from 15 countries including Guatemala, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey, Korea, etc. took part in the meeting in the Apse of Santa Lucia of the University of Bologna between the afternoon of 27th March to the end of the 30th, with a joint visit to the display in San Giorgio in Poggiale on the morning of the 28th.

The texts of the papers, contributions and interventions will be published in the "Proceedings".

After the opening speech of the Rector of the University, given by Prof. Arrigo Pareschi, Head of the Faculty of Engineering and Ivo Tagliaventi, chairman of the Committee A Vision of Europe, work began with the presentation of Thomas Gordon Smith, Head of the School of Architecture of the University of Notre Dame of Sound Bend, USA and the introductory speech by David Watkin of the University of Cambridge on Urban renaissance in Europe and Carroll Willam Westfall of the University of Virginia on Urban renaissance in America.

The topics of the five sessions entitled "URBAN RENAISSANCE AND HISTORIC CITY", "RENAISSANCE OF THE SUBURBS", "INNOVATIONS FOR URBAN RENAISSANCE IN EUROPE", "THE NEW CITIES OF URBAN RENAISSANCE", "MESSAGES FOR THE HABITAT II CONFERENCE", co-ordinated respectively by Luciana Ravanel, Elio Piroddi, Benito De Sivo, Alberto Corlaita and Gabriele Tagliaventi, were dealt with in order by Maurice Culot, Alberto Ustarroz, Léon Krier, Caroline Mierop, Giuseppe Imbesi, Paolo Marconi, Brian Hanson, Richard John, Elizabeth Platter-Zyberk, Jorge Hernandez, Lucien Steil, Cesare Cassi Macchia and Michael Lykoudis.

The debate between designers, entrepreneurs and administrators on EXPERIENCES COMPARED, co-ordinated by Gianozzo Pucci, was joined by Adolfo C. Dell’Acqua, Esat Edin, Robert Davis and Jean François Lejeune as well as councillors and city council technicians.

Before work started, the congress-goers unanimously applauded the following message to Prince Charles:

"Just one week ago, the city of Bologna had the privilege and honour to receive the visit of HRH Prince Charles for the opening of the IInd Triennial of Architecture and City building Urban Renaissance as a further concrete and effective token of his noble interest in the destiny of the "City" already shown in Bologna on 29th September 1992, when he came to open the Ist Triennial. Today, the participants of the international conference The City of the New Renaissance, architects and engineers from several countries of Europe and America, would like to pay their greatest respects to HRH, a sensitive spokesman for the basic requirements of safeguarding urban quality according to age-old traditions of architectural civilization.

The participants at the conference would like to express their satisfaction for the profitable activity performed by HRH the Prince of Wales in promoting exemplary enterprises of new urban developments and in guiding many young architects throughout the world towards the careful study of the relations between man and the environment, between idea and expression of art, between architectural form and organization of space.

The participants at the conference The City of the New Renaissance hope that the next international meeting of architects and engineers in Bologna promoted by A Vision of Europe, a direct derivation of A Vision of Britain set up by the Prince of Wales, may also be honoured with the presence of his Royal Highness."

At the end of the Conference, as a pleasant initiative and sign of great esteem and friendship, Erling Okkenhaug, Co-ordinator of the Norwegian association ALLGREEN - ALLGRØNN, Brains Trust for Universal Thinking, presented Ivo Tagliaventi, as Chairman of the Committee A Vision of Europe, with the "Ondurdis Award, consisting of a work in bronze by the sculptor Arne Vinje Gunnerud.


Scientific committee
Maurice Culot, Adolfo Dell’Acqua, Lèon Krier, Brian Hanson,
Jorge Hernandez, Paolo Marconi,
Caroline Mierop, Luciana Ravanel,
René Schoonbrodt,
Thomas G. Smith, Ivo Tagliaventi,
Alberto Ustarroz, David Watkin
Gabriele Tagliaventi
Elisa Abati, Elena Elli,
Ardia Marzetti, Patrizia Morgera,
Marco Ventura, Francesca Golfarelli 
Patronage of
Università di Bologna,
Camera di Commercio di Bologna,
Regione Emilia Romagna,
Comune di Bologna
Promoted by
The Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture, London
Institut Francais d’Architecture, Paris
Fondation pour l’Architecture, Bruxelles
Archives d’Architecture Moderne, Bruxelles
Classical Architectural League, Washington
University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, South Bend
University of Miami-School of Architecture, Miami
Universidad del Pays Vasco, San Sebastian
Institute for the Study of Classical Architecture, New York
Rivista Archi e Colonne International, Bologna
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